True.Land | Oil & Gas Management Software


True.Land is a premier web application for the oil and gas industry. It utilizes key document management tools as well as real-time information updates to help you succeed in your business. We offer the most cost-effective solution for land management services.


True.Land offers a ton of exciting and unqiue features!

No Price per User/Client/Project

No! True.Land is based off a monthly fee that includes hosting and database storage.

Application is completely customizable

True.Land is absolutely customizable. We can develop features as well as customize the application to your brands colors and logo.

We offer training and technical support for all users

We can offer in-depth training for your teams so they can use this product efficiently.

Can I use True.Land on my tablet?

You can access the web application with your smartphone, tablet and laptop anywhere!

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Your Landmen need the ability to manage documents, look up information and input project details wherever they are whenever they need. True.Land has the capability to work with you and your field men to make your process streamlined to be more efficient.

Highly Customizable Based on Your Needs


When you use True.Land, you are utilizing a collection of powerful features that provide you with the functionality you require and the speed you want.

Connect your people anywhere


You only pay for what you need

With True.Land, you can pay based on what you need! Are you looking for just a billing module or specifically just leasing? We can offer you separate sections that fit your needs so you don’t have to pay for what you won’t use. The billing module gives you the advantage of adding an unlimited number of landmen and prospects. If you decide to go with our leasing module, you can enter tracts, associate landowners, define mineral ownership reports, create custom lease purchasing reports and upload plats to tracts. These two modules combine into one perfectly rounded application for all land companies.

Dynamic Conditions

You have the ability to assign dynamic pay rates per landman, per project. True.Land give you the choice to manage the details you need to at no extra cost. You can also customize your list of expenses per prospect. When you choose True.Land, you get to cut out redundancy and effectively streamline your paperwork with no extra hassle!

Customized Reports

Our web application provides you with contracts and leases tailored for each prospect and client. True.Land gives you fully customized reports built from scratch based on your business. We work with you to perfect your landmen statements, client statements and prospect summaries so it can blend seamlessly with your workflow. We give you a perfect way to store and manage your documents from anywhere!

Courthouse Data Integration

True.Land gives you the ability to search through your courthouse data with our search feature. Instead of wasting time and resources sending landmen to the courthouse to check files, you can simplify your process right from any online connected device!

Dynamic Pricing per Landman per Project


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