4 Ways True Land Can Streamline Your Billing


It’s the end of the month and billing is going out. It should be an exciting and manageable process, but unfortunately, it’s usually not. Especially in the land management business. It can be a hassle to account for all of the expenses your landmen have raked up over the course of the workday(s).

Let’s cut to the chase. True Land can help manage all of this effectively and with time to spare.


1. Custom Expense Fields


Ensure that your information is correct one time and allow employees to input their expenses into one place. True Land allows you to enter your information in one time and generate your billing reports at the click of a button.


2. Schedule Pay Raises


You have a few top performing landmen that deserve a raise. Good! True Land can assist in making it possible to specify different rates based on location. We welcome any additions to your billing statements.


3. Custom Reports


We can perform a variety of different reports based on your needs. Need to print custom invoices? No problem! Our very own True Land programmers are ready and able to assist you.

4. Simplicity Matters


Yes, True Land is easy to use. If you know how to navigate the internet, you can navigate True Land. Other popular software, such as Excel, will usually come with error. Error that your business can’t afford. Excel is also needlessly complex. Let True Land make the process easier so that you can afford more things to propel your business forward.




At the end of a long day, it’s important to make sure that your data is correct. And it’s a lot easier to enter it in just once instead of multiple times (We’re looking at you, Excel). Easily manage your landmen and your land projects with True Land’s integrated abilities. If you would like to learn more from the programmers themselves, give us a call at 903-531-0377. We look forward to getting your land business started!