The Name Is True Land

There’s great news for those who are entering the land exploration business. Its name is True Land. With True Land, you will be able to manage projects in real-time. Associate landmen are able to input their project details, expenses, and project details into one centralized database with an easy-to-use interface.

Custom Reporting

Our lead programmers are standing by and can build you customized reports based on the needs of your clients.

Custom Pay Rates

Not all projects are created equal. So we have a system that allows you to customize the pay rates, per project, per landman. Tailor your expense lists per project including meals, lodging, and much more.

Integrate Courthouse Data

Get the ability to actively search through the your courthouse data with our internal search feature. Don’t waste anymore time searching for documents or going to the courthouse to make copies, utilize True Land’s centralized system to organize everything for you.

Streamline Billing

It can be a chore adding new expense fields to your billing statements which include Reference Numbers, AFE Numbers, Abstract Numbers, and more based on your client’s request. Prospect cost-analysis, invoice reports, are all battle-tested from those who are working in the field by company owners and landmen both.

We believe in simplicity and focus. True Land can give you security, privacy, and centralization to manage your projects easier.